Welcome back to another edition of Booty in Breeches!

Every pair of breeches will be rigorously tested and rated on four categories: cut, comfort, bang for your buck, and style.  Each breech will receive a rating out of four stars in every category as well as an overall rating. My goal is to be as honest and in-depth as possible, because us equestrians only deserve the best pants money can buy. Now, let’s get started!

The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter
13139038_10206694212258034_679788491676574113_nRetails for $189.95 (knee patch) and $229.95 (full seat)
Available in over 30 colors
Sizes range from 24-36 in short, regular, and long lengths (also available in mens and girls sizes)

Cut: 3.5/4
Tailored Sportsman has breech-making down to a science. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft they weave into the fabric, but whatever it is, it WORKS. Tailored Sportsman pants flatter literally everyone. The 2″ waistband is not only wide enough for basically every belt in the world, it nicely smooths the midsection and hides “problem areas”.
Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters in Confederate BlueTrophy Hunters are available in both front zip and side zip, with low rise and mid-rise options. I’ve found that the mid-rise is the perfect cut for those of us with longer torsos whose shirts seem to come untucked while we’re in the saddle! The simple euro stitching on the seat adds movement to otherwise flatter behinds without drawing unwanted attention to curvier bottoms.

Comfort: 3.8/4
I really don’t think there is a more comfortable riding pant on the market—stay tuned for the rest of the Booty in Breeches series, though, because I might eventually have to correct this statement! The Trophy Hunters are made of four-way stretch, and you can absolutely tell. I have worn these bad boys for 10+ hours on many a show day and I have never once felt like I needed to take them off. On top of the yoga-pant-like feel, they aren’t too hot in the summer but aren’t paper thin and breezy in the winter.

Bang for Your Buck: 4/4
Yes, I really did just give the Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters a perfect score in the Bang for Your Buck category.  I have had most of my pairs of Tailored Sportsman pants for at least five years and they still look as good as new (some colors fade with washing over time but not offensively so). As far as I can tell, Tailored Sportsman are some of the best pants on the market in terms of longevity and quality.

This picture is of me showing in 2012 and guess what? I still have the same pair of Tailoreds I was wearing in this photo!

Style: 2.8/4
These aren’t the flashiest pants on the market—in fact, they’re rather simple and classic. They don’t have any cool pockets or pretty stitching. But what they lack in flair, they make up for in color options. Folks, these pants come in more than 30 colors. That’s insanity! In addition to solid colors, Tailored Sportsman also offers the Trophy Hunters in over 20 colors with contrasting knee patches, which adds an extra oomph for every discerning equestrian fashionista.

The Bottom Line: 3.52/4
The best way I can describe these breeches is that pulling on Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters sort of feels like walking into your childhood home after time away. Whether they’re worn at home or at a show, in the hunter ring or out on the cross country field, these pants will always look polished and professional. They last forever, fit well, and don’t break the bank. If you don’t currently own a pair, you’re missing out!

Kate Kosnoff